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We have used Ken Washington for dog and house sitting for over 15 years. KEN has taken care of one to three dogs and been instrumental in the care of our Koi Pond. Besides feeding the fish he noticed a leak and filled the pond every two days till we got back.

We never worry about our dogs care and the house is just as we left it when we return.

We highly recommend Ken and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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My husband and I have known Ken Washington for 30 years. During that time Ken has been my personal trainer, has done house sitting as well as pet sitting and even staying with our kids on occasion.  He has always been professional, very dependable and as a result of our long-time relationship, has become a friend.  My dogs have always loved Ken and I am sure they got more exercise and attention than when we were at home with them. I would never hesitate to ask Ken to help out in any way.  I cannot recommend Ken and his associates enough. You cannot go wrong!

~ Carol C. Greenwood Village, Co

I have used Ken when traveling for the last several years. If it were not for Ken and his pet sitting services I doubt if I would have travel for weeks and more. I wanted my dogs at home and well cared for. Ken walk and let them out and I did not worry. I know when I was coming home that they will be safe and happy they are like my babies I had to find someone I trusted and was good with my dogs.

~ Pam O Lakewood, CO

I am writing today to offer my full endorsement of Ken Washington as an excellent house sitter, pet sitter and caretaker.  My animals and my home are the dearest things to me, my family.
Ken over the years has watched over my animals and my home.  Its the biggest comfort to know he is in control and on the job.  His priority has always been to ensure all is well while I have been gone.  I would trust him with anything of mine.
My animals are my kids, and I don't trust their care to just anyone.  I never had a single worry when Ken was with my animals.  He always showed up when scheduled and he went above and beyond to care for and love them. 
Please feel free to contact me for any other feedback or information
~ Tami Tidd

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